I will speak at the DDD Wales 2018 conference in Swansea, Wales

I’m very excited to announce that I will be speaking at the DDD Wales 2018 conference in Swansea, Wales! The conference is launching for the first time in Wales and what sets it apart is that it’s free and driven by the community with talk submissions voted by the community. DDD - not to be confused with Domain Driven Design - stands for Developer! Developer! Developer! There are many DDD conferences across the world and as written on the conference’s page:

The UK's premier FREE Developer conference is coming to Wales! Since its inception in 2005, DDD has spread across the UK and throughout other parts of the world, as far afield as Melbourne and Perth. This time though it is heading to Swansea!

I’m very much looking forward to head to Wales, for the first time ever, in March. This is going to be awesome and I hope to see you there!