Fight Corona!

The world is different now, we are living in hard times. Life has changed for everyone. We are all fighting some way or another to suppress the spread of the COVID-19 (Corona) virus. It is a hard task as the virus spreads very quickly and our older generation is especially at risk. We are living through a worldwide virus pandemic that has swept the world.

One week ago I was contacted by CEO of Me Data AS, Louise Helliksen, who needed help with a web solution to contribute to fighting this pandemic. Louise, self-isolated at our home in Trondheim (Norway), had gathered a team of developers and a UX designer to develop a web solution for registering COVID-19 cases worldwide. In just five days she and her team were able to launch a first version live on the Internet and shortly thereafter she was interviewed by Norwegian technology news site Impressed by Louise and her team’s passion and dedication, I immediately decided to join the team as full-stack developer on behalf of Itera, the company of which I’m currently CTO (Azure initiatives).

Security is without doubt a crucial part in this project and on board is no other than CSO of Nordic Choice Hotels, Per Thorsheim, in addition to a group of rockstar developers and a UX designer. I find it really cool to be part of this dream team working on something that is so greater than all of us; we are literally trying to save the world with technology. World-Citizen-Report is created for the citizens of the world, so we can get a better overview of this ongoing pandemic and do our part in technology to help the heroes in the health industry.

Now, it’s time for me to go back to coding as we are working against the clock.

Stay safe everyone!