Published a new package to npm

I want to share with you all that I published a new package to npm today. This is a component that I wrote over 2 years ago, that I just now finally decided to publish as a module. The initial idea was experimenting with REST and drones, but it grew and I realized that it could benefit many developers.

2 years ago I was really into drones, I did talks (one of them here) about drones and wrote lots of fun code for them. A few tweets from my twitter feed show some of the history:

The first tweet shown here was prior to actually obtaining a drone. So what do you do if you don’t own a drone? You use a virtual one! During the Summer of 2014, a colleague of mine and I worked on arma-command-console, azure-cloud-service-ga and winphone-map-path-finder to fly a virtual Parrot AR Drone in a map path finding concept. This project was extremely fun and certainly deserves a blog post by its own.

But then I acquired a drone, and then I wrote node-server-ar-drone. I have to admit that when I wrote this I did it at home, which means I flew a Parrot AR Drone 2.0 indoors (!) I definitely recommend not to do that. So the idea here is simple, in our Internet connected world, we see more and more a need of connecting things. I thought drones are really fun, so why not make it possible to remotely control a drone from anywhere - by anyone - in the world? Connect to your drone, install the module and fly with REST.